Nature Potion Kit- 'I am brave'
Nature Potion Kit- 'I am brave'
Nature Potion Kit- 'I am brave'
Nature Potion Kit- 'I am brave'

Nature Potion Kit- 'I am brave'

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Nature Potion Kit- I am brave

We all need a little help being brave sometimes and our Bravery Nature Potion Kit will surely do the trick! Maybe you are afraid of the dark? Or need a little extra courage standing up for yourself? Our kit is designed to bring out your inner brave heart, and enhance your self-esteem and confidence, because you are always stronger than you feel!

Our Potion Kits are thoughtfully created with the holistic development of your child in mind. We understand the importance of catering to the emotional well-being of our children through mindful play experiences. A connection to nature is embedded throughout all of our products as we believe in the role the natural world around us can have on our education and us as eco-conscious individuals.

Each kit includes:

- 4 x 'Magic Salt Fizz' (see below for ingredients)

- 1 x Coconut Mixing Bowl

- 1 x Amber Glass Bottle for 'Bravery Elixir' (please note that if you receive your kit via post then you will need to add your own bravery elixir into your bottle first as we cannot guarantee that our bottles won't leak or break in transit. See below for ingredients).

- 1 x Wooden Spoon

- 1 x Glass Jar of Dried Flower Confetti

- 1 x Cotton Bag filled with a selection of gum nuts, seed pods, flower heads and feathers.

- 1 x Instruction Card and Bravery Affirmation


Magic Salt Fizz- Bi-Carb Soda, Citric Acid, Salt, Corn Flour, Essential Oils (Orange, Lavender, Bergamot, Mandarin & Cedarwood), Dried Lavender, Rose & Hibiscus Pieces, Water (naturally coloured with Avocado Seeds).

Bravery Elixir- 2 parts Water, 1 part Vinegar

Please note that if you have received your Nature Potion Kit via post then this bottle with arrive empty to prevent your kit from being ruined by leaking or broken bottle. Please fill your bottle with water & vinegar mix prior to use (or just water if vinegar is not available as your fizz will still bubble with water only).


This product contains small parts and is intended for children aged 3+. Please note that some individuals experience skin irritation from Bi-Carb Soda, so please avoid touching your Salt Fizz once it is bubbling. Adult supervision is required for children 3 years and under, or for individuals who have a tendency to chew or mouth inedible objects.