Mindful Play Dough

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M I N D F U L  D O U G H ☼
Play dough, possibly one of the most beneficial and versatile toys around, with its open-ended nature and ability to target fine motor skill development so perfectly!
Our natural play dough has been created with a full sensory experience in mind and designed to support your child’s learning in a holistic way. Not only is our play dough made from only natural ingredients, but the scents and colours have been thoughtfully selected to support children’s emotional well-being during play time.

❊ Chamomile Flower, known for its calming properties, is ideal for encouraging a relaxed and calm state of being. Our Chamomile Flower play dough has been infused with pure chamomile herbs to both colour and scent our dough. It is ideal to use as part of a wind down activity or to assist children in regulating feelings of anger or frustration. My little one loves using this one before bedtime!

✺ Cinnamon, whilst known for its memorable flavour in desserts is also wonderful in encouraging focus and concentration, making it an ideal scent for play-based learning experiences. Our Cinnamon play dough has been infused with ground cinnamon throughout and is finished with a layer on top, ready to be mixed in further. We’ve also chosen to use whole meal flour in our Cinnamon dough to add an extra textural element, making it perfect for using in more challenging learning activities where focus and concentration is necessary.

✺ Tangerine, known for its uplifting properties, is the perfect accompaniment to mindful play as it encourages joyfulness, contentment and an overall happy disposition. This scent if perfect for play dough play any time of the day!
Available in 2 sizes- 200ml or 300ml.