About Us

Hello and welcome to These Golden Daze, a little dream of mine conjured up during those bleary eyed, love filled newborn days. Or the newborn 'daze' as it is so often referred to. You know the one. Where night and day are interchangeable, clothing is optional and sleep deprivation is all consuming. But as many others before will tell you, these really are the golden years. And whilst the days may feel long, the years are short.

I have always loved interior styling and after having my son, my eyes were opened up to the world of children's interiors during those AM feeds whilst scrolling through social media just to stay awake. More importantly, the world of small business and fellow women and mummas just like me who had taken the plunge and had turned their passion projects into full blown hustles. I'm not going to lie, my maternity-leave stricken bank account took a hit during those first few months as I shopped small and adorned my little one's room with the beautiful products I had come across on Instagram. 

I soon realised however that my budget would not accomodate my taste and with my little boy growing and changing so quickly, I wanted to keep updating his room  and allow him to feel a sense of ownership over the space. With many items still on my list, I started looking to places like Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace in the hopes of finding some unique pieces second-hand within my budget. I was blown away by the sheer volume of amazing items in fantastic condition that were available and soon enough I had found some beautiful pieces. My searching had quickly become an obsession and I started selling my own unwanted possessions from around the house in the hope to declutter and also recoup some cash. Not being able to stop my searching even after finishing Xander's room and telling everyone who would listen about my lucky finds, it didn’t take long for friends and family to start asking me to keep an eye out for specific pieces and source different items for them.

Supporting small, family-owned, ethically run businesses was something that I have always been passionate about, but since embarking on this journey I am also a huge advocate for shopping second-hand first. Because after all, if we can all do our small part by recycling, reusing and rehoming our unwanted possessions, just imagine the big impact we can have on reducing waste and landfill. This is my way of bringing the two together; handmade, ethically and thoughtfully produced + preloved, second-hand and vintage. The products I bring to you are hand chosen by me, often with my precious boy in tow and come with a story and a whole lot of love. Ready to be enjoyed and cherished in your own lovingly created spaces. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for stopping by.

The days are short and the years are shorter. Let's celebrate These Golden Daze.